Our Parent Association aims to promote closer co-operation and contact between parents and the school community and to support the school in the general welfare of all students.

On behalf of the parent community at AISHK, we warmly welcome all new and returning families to our School. We hope that you had a lovely break and are now ready for an exciting year ahead.

The objective of the Parent Association is to promote and support the activities of AISHK and to encourage close co-operation between parents and members of the School. Through various fundraising activities, the Association promotes financial assistance towards improvements of school activities and resources which enhance the study, cultural and recreational environment of students.

As an association, we are active participants in our children’s education, assisting the School, in conjunction with the staff of AISHK, to ensure our school is the best it can be.

As a parent, guardian or staff member at AISHK, you are automatically a member of the Association and we encourage you to take an active role in our community. There are many ways to contribute, from joining one of our event planning committees to working the BBQ on the day. Our General PA meetings are held in a friendly and casual environment once per term. Please find the 2017 dates below. We hope to see you there and look forward to your input towards our common goals.

As always, the year ahead holds an exciting calendar of events. Organised in close co-operation with the School, the biennial Ball will be this year’s major event fundraising event, to be held on Saturday 19 August. A great evening for parents and staff alike, the Ball encapsulates the incredible community spirit within AISHK. We hope you will consider being a part of the many ways to contribute to this event.

We look forward to keeping you updated on further Parent Association activities and information throughout the year. Information on events, volunteering opportunities, resources, contacts and more will be distributed via the school’s e-newsletter, Dhanara and through the Parent Association website. The private Parent Association Facebook group for parents and staff – “AISHK Parent Association” – is also available as a hub to enhance PA communications, inform parents of PA/School events and to allow new and existing parents to connect with each other.

Should you have any questions or suggestions, please email us at aishkpa@aishk.edu.hk.

We look forward to sharing 2017 with the community and to meeting many of you throughout the year at our Welcome Coffee mornings, events and forums.

Lauren & Lisa
Co Presidents, AISHK Parent Association